The Rose Method

The​ purpose of time on Earth is to realize that we are each unconditional love. The path towards this understanding involves self-discovery and healing at the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual levels of our soul. Every experience before us - whether beautiful or mundane - is carefully crafted and meant to bring us closer to realizing the divinity that exist within each of us.


For the past 25 years, Diane Rose has been a practitioner of multi-dimensional healing and a respected voice in intuitive awareness. Through her approach to remedial wellness, Diane is able to recognize imbalances in energy - whether of the mind, body or soul - and address them in the exact place that they began.




A corporate minded experience for group events to promote mindfulness and balance in the work place.

I have been doing phone readings with Diane for almost five years now. When I speak with her I light a candle, find a quiet space and type almost word for word our entire conversation. I've found that these notes are now some of my most valued possessions, like profound journals throughout the years. The level of accuracy in even the smallest details that she relays has been remarkable."

—  Sarah, New York, NY




Guided Meditation

Each Saturday from 4pm - 5pm Diane is offering a guided mediation that will be completely free of charge while we face these uncertain times. It is an incredible opportunity to collectively go inward while I guide you through the process of letting go and tuning in.

Meditation Location: On Zoom. To sign up and register please click on the link below

Date: Saturday, May 23rd from 4pm - 5pm.

Thank you to for so kindly and graciously hosting this as well as many other workshops that are being offered free of charge during this time. 


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