The Rose Method

The​ purpose of time on Earth is to realize that we are each unconditional love. The path towards this understanding involves self-discovery and healing at the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual levels of our soul. Every experience before us - whether beautiful or mundane - is carefully crafted and meant to bring us closer to realizing the divinity that exist within each of us.

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For the past 25 years, Diane Rose has been a practitioner of multi-dimensional healing and a respected voice in intuitive awareness. Through her approach to remedial wellness, Diane is able to recognize imbalances in energy - whether of the mind, body or soul - and address them in the exact place that they began.


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Wellness Product



A private reading, merging consciousness and spirituality across your past, present and future.


“To say that I was surprised at some of the information that was given during our first interaction is an understatement, but more importantly, the initial shock gave way to a sense of understanding and purposefulness.”​ 

—  ERICK, UK Europe




Opening Up the Intuitive Eye

The Rose Method Workshop

Take part in this intimate discussion and workshop series where Diane guides the conversation through a specific topic related to our soul and it's evolution with a specific focus on how to read energy and connect with your inherent intuition.

Workshop will be limited in attendees in person with an option to attend on Zoom.

Cost:   $80.00 per person
When:   Sunday 11/14, from 2pm - 5pm 
Location:   Workshop will be in person with option to attend on Zoom


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