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The 3 Types of Romantic Relationships

In this past article From Fear to Love, I mentioned how I believe that we are all experiencing an incredible shift. That the physical changes we are witnessing are only a single part of what is happening and that at a deeper level the metamorphosis is one that is occurring within our consciousness.

In the midst of the events unfolding around us, I have had so many of my clients coming to me questioning their relationships. For the good, bad, long and short of it - we are all being forced to live and exist alongside our loved ones or in complete solitude. The lessons that are coming up for us now are intense and concentrated—demanding that we each address imbalances head on so that we can move on, from darkness into light.

A New Framework

When I mention that we are moving from darkness to light what I mean is that we as humanity are in a process of evolving. Evolution happens at the individual level but these themes we experience individually create a collective movement for humanity.

Our framework is going from one defined almost entirely by our 5 senses (where dominance, control and fear are the basis for the lives we built) to a framework that includes the larger realm. This realm is one which recognizes that at our core exists a positive, eternal and divine force known as the soul.

Understanding this is important because in relationships you have two people coming together with their own wants, needs and wounds. The potential for joy and that for pain is magnified. Relationships are essentially an extremely fertile ground for lessons and growth. Wherever you may be experiencing pain— jealousy, insecurity, the fear of loss—I would ask you to try to instead look at that experience from the perspective of your soul. Do not focus on the actions, instead try to seek the intention behind actions. That is where the true lessons will be learned and the true growth earned.

The Different Types of Romantic Relationships

From the perspective of one’s soul, you can identify that there are different types of relationships throughout our life, or rather our soul’s evolution. They are commonly known as the following:

  • Basic: A basic relationship in hind site is interchangeable, lacking of depth. Many would call this the place holder or time-killer relationship.

  • Karmic: These relationships are often the most painful and most unsustainable. An experience of extreme highs and lows and looking back on these can often be considered toxic. However, we are drawn to that which has the greatest to teach us and so often this type of relationship is the one that demands the most growth from the individuals.

  • Soulmate: Not many experience this within their lifetime. Soulmate based relationships go from ME-based to We-based. You each look for opportunity’s to better yourself so that you can show up more completely to the person you are with

In the coming days, I will be putting a spotlight on romantic relationships as defined above in hopes of helping you identify the specific lessons and immense values that are to be had in each. We are in a time, collectively, of going inward and looking intensely at the intimate relationships of our lives right now. My hope is to help you understand that behind any pain exists a kernel of peace and hope. It is here where personal growth and movement forward will be possible.

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