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All of the events and relationships of our lives are mirrors that reflect opportunities for insight and understanding back towards us. What we see, what we are and what we feel are the direct results of what we surround ourselves by – in this and previous lives. Regaining wholeness and balance is achieved through addressing issues in the exact place they begin. Diane’s practice combined with her intuitive gift offer a powerful means for self-healing and recognizing your inherent potential and true purposes.

Diane Rose’s holistic approach addresses all parts of your well-being: the physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional. She utilizes kinesiology, reflexology and shiatsu to promote mind and body balance, and is a certified and licensed massage therapist. She is currently affiliated with St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, Wellness Consultants Health Fairs and Wisdom Empowerment group for Women. Diane has worked and studied alongside Dr. Albrecht Heyer PhD. D.Sc, Jaganath Carrera M.Ac and Margabandhu Martarano at the Integral Yoga Institute.

Education and Accreditations

  • Seton Hall University; BA

  • Bergen Community College; Juicing, Herbology & Reflexology

  • The Essex Group Institute for Massage & Bodywork; Certified Massage Therapist

  • International School of Shiatsu; Shiatsu Practitioner

  • Kinesiology Institute; Kinesiology

  • Open School; Healing through Aromatherapy & the Chakras

  • Upledger Institute; Craniosacral Therapy

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