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A New Earth: From Fear to Love

An incredible shift is occurring right now - to our Earth and, if we allow, to us individually. What I see and what I feel is happening at the deepest level is our going through a great metamorphosis.

The Mayan calendar ended in 2012. What we were told was that those were the end of days. But what was meant was that we were entering into an entirely new era. Many teachers

recognize these eras of humanity and the one that we are to be entering into next is “The Golden Age of Consciousness”. It is a period of time that happens roughly every 26,000 years and it marks a shift from darkness to light. From fear to love.

We are, I believe, in that shift right now.

What the Earth is doing is cleansing itself. It is detoxing decades of mistreatment and what is incredibly beautiful is how quickly she knows how to do so. The canals of Venice took mere days to clear their waters; we’re seeing locusts swarms and birds; tornados and earth quakes - Mother Nature is a powerful force able to balance herself by all means available.

The physical changes that we are witnessing are only a single part of what is happening. The shift in consciousness that it is causing in so many is the true mark of what is happening in our world right now. People are waking up out of their routines and ill-serving behaviors. We have been forced to go inward and if we do the work we can emerge from this having grown and having gained in understanding and compassion.

While we isolate, it is important to be quiet and still in your own moment but it is also just as important to not enter panic mode, and not define yourself differently from others. We must unite, we must see the human-ness in our neighbors (locally and globally) and realize that we are going through this together. There is no us, no them. We are all one, and we are intimately interconnected to each other and to our Earth in ways that we had perhaps not seen before now.

Our world and lives are shifting, changing forever at this moment. There will not be a return to the dark in our lifetimes- greed, ego, disservice to humanity. We are being asked to step up to leave that all behind. We are also being given an incredibly powerful opportunity to change ourselves from within: to cleanse, to eat well, to take care of our divine bodies—because we all remain unsaved if we do not first save ourselves first.

I implore each and every person to take this time to go deep into your soul. Identify what is essential (it may be just one or two things!), recognize your dreams and hopes and rebuild. Rebuild quietly, slowly but consistently. As the Earth detoxes herself, allow yourself to also go through a metamorphosis- throw out the energy of love and recognize the bigger picture at play. Together, we can rebuild but we will be building for a different tomorrow - one where we can connect to our highest version of ourselves and one that aligns so beautifully with the world, environments and people around us.

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