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Relationships: "The Full Enchilada"

From The Rose Method Workshop: Soulmates.

Recorded July 29, 2020

In a recent small, intimate workshop and discussion on soulmates, Diane spoke with three woman openly about their relationships, diving in deep with them to help shed light and understanding onto the deeper dynamics at play. To allow each participant the ability to speak extremely freely we've decided to not share the video recording but instead to share the dictation from the workshop in three separate parts with you here.

We wanted to share the conversation from these workshops because when Diane goes "into energy" the insights are powerful and within a group setting they are even more so. Sharing with you below: the first part of the Soulmates discussion from Workshop I.

The Rose Method Workshop: Soulmates, Part I

Diane: We’re going to be talking about relationships in general. We’re going to go from relationships that are friends, your family dynamic, karmic soulmate, and then finally, what most people want: Divine Mate.

What is a Divine Mate? I always use this expression, it is quite simply the full enchilada.

Now a karmic soulmate can only partially give you what you want out of a relationship. It is exactly what you need at this moment in your evolution but it does not fulfill you completely. In some aspects, whether emotionally, physically or at a deeper soul level, it can feel like a square peg in a round hole.

Soulmates that are karmic come into your life so that you can learn. The relationship's purpose is to get you to grow, to change perspective and to finally move forward on your path. If, for example, you keep getting the same type of person coming into your life and you feel as though you are banging your head against a wall asking “Why am i going through this?!” it is likely because the Universe is waiting for you to have that Aha moment, where you're able to put your foot down and define a new boundary. That is where the Universe smiles and says, "They got it! They finally got it".

If I delve into the people that are in your personal life, any relationship, what I'm doing is I am diving into where in a past life these people were with you before. To understand a dynamic that is at play. To get a full picture and understanding, I need to find and recognize where this energy exchange originated. Especially when it comes to imbalances in energy - whether of the mind, body or soul - these must be addressed at the exact place that they began. Going into the past allows us to come back into the present and view the dynamic, or the karma, at it's deepest and most honest level.

For example if you are experiencing a lot of narcissistic relationships in your life, the odds are that within a past life you were a narcissist. You are now learning the flip side of this dynamic to fully understand it. This view requires that you not judge, and that you definitely do not assume victim mentality. We are all learning and teaching within the school of life. We all will experience pain from another and cause pain to another at different times in our soul's path. This is called karma and it is simply how we, as souls, learn.

The relationships that you are experiencing the greatest struggles with are where you have the greatest potential for growth and for learning. Where there is pain, there is learning and therefore an opportunity for growth. If you cannot fathom that because you are so deep in the weeds of your experience, you must broaden the framework that makes up your perception. Try instead to look at it from the point of view of your soul. The soul needs to experience the depths of life to gain a greater understand of it and therefore a greater sense of compassion for it and all the souls within it. You must realize that that dynamic between you and another person is a signed contract. A signed soul contract between you and the other soul is meant to enable one or the other, or both of you, to move forward.

Okay, let's open up the conversation and go into energy. Does anyone have any questions?

Ellie: I signed up for this workshop because I am having a hard time with the relationship with my husband. I am not sure if he is here to teach me or me to teach him or both.

Diane: I need for you to say his name and your name only and then I am going to go into the energy.

Ellie: Ellie. Joseph.

Diane: Okay I feel that Joseph literally has his heels dug in. He is not listening, he's doing his own thing. He's into SELF right now. He's not looking at your agenda and you’re trying to dialogue with him and maybe shift him a little bit. I'm not saying that in a negative way, but I feel that for whatever reason, he’s not budging.

Now, I'm going to jump back into the past life, you were his mother. This was a parent/child dynamic previously so there is still the residual dynamic at play. This is because it is what you two know, it is what you are familiar with with each other.

When you try to tell a child what to do at a certain age they are going to turn away and not listen.

Also, Ellie I have a lot of psychology around you. Therapists. When I go to a past life with him I have the same thing.

For him, you have been a force that is trying to get him to where he needs to go, to help him put his ducks in order. I also sense frustration from you, Ellie. When is your birthday? I do not need a year.

Ellie: August 15th.

Diane: Oh! Well Happy birthday! Leo, you have a lot of decisions to be made. This is not just right here and right now, this is and has been an ongoing thing. It has been happening for some time now. Not just because of Covid, as everyone has been locked down. This is something that you have been looking at for a while. Here we go, you want the whole enchilada. But for you it seems like there are some gaps in the relationship and that is what you have been evaluating.

You're asking is this where I want to be? Is this the right connection?

Does this resonate?

Ellie: Yes. Over the course of our relationship it has continued to get better. And I am much more hopeful now than I was at a certain point. I believe that he cares about me and wants the relationship to be good and us to be happy

Diane: I agree with that but I also want to say to you that you're an old soul, you’re wide open and seasoned. I don't see that in him. A parent teaches a child, you’re essentially trying to teach him to be more uplifted. This is a karmic soulmate, we’re all learning but you are literally growing him up.

Ellie: Yes, that makes a lot of sense.

Diane: Parent and child relationship is now lover to lover. So you have to help him to see through nurturing and boom he will move forward. When is his birthday?

Ellie: May 13th.

Diane: It would have been very very, no disrespect, difficult for him for the past ten years because Saturn has been sitting on top of his sun sign. Saturn is the restrictive planet, the teaching planet. So he would have been out of sorts. He would have started towards the end of last year and especially this year with a lot of growth and finally an ability for him to move forward.

Ellie: Oh yea, that makes sense.

Diane: So when Saturn comes off of him he will be able to see the whole rainbow, not just the color blue. So I'm not gonna throw the baby out with the bath water on him. Because I do see where you have nurtured him to get him to where he should be. Not because thats where you want him to be but because that is where he needs to be as a fellow soul and partner in a relationship.

What is going to happen is that the tides are going to turn and he will end up giving to you what you have given to him. That support, love, security - he will come forward with “Im here”.

Ellie: Well, I could probably cry because that is exactly what I have been fearing would never happen.

Diane: Look, you can’t get a baby to walk faster than when its going to walk. First they have to crawl. But he is in the process of this growth. You’ve done the work.

And cry! It is a part of letting go of the built up emotion from this relationship. Cleanse that to move forward. He will now start to step up. I do not see divorce, or separation. I sense that you will feel elation within this relationship.


Workshop 1: Soulmates

Conversation to continue in the following post

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