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Weekly Podcast Schedule

The next virtual class will be this coming Saturday, April 4th at 4pm.

ANNOUNCEMENT: This past weekend I hosted a free and virtual meditation through What an incredible experience! People from all across the globed tuned in for this hour long guided practice and it was powerful to be a part of.

While we are all prioritizing the health of ourselves and our communities, this guided mediation will be held every Saturday at 4pm. It will be free of charge and available to anyone who would like to join for this collective hour of guided practice. is so graciously hosting this class (and many others) free of charge during this trying time.

I implore anyone who would like to be a part of this practice or who is seeking some more centeredness and balance to please feel welcome to join me next Saturday, April 4th at 4pm. For access to this class go to the link below and sign up.

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