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A Time to Turn Inward

These next two weeks, we are in many ways being forced to go inward in solitude. We can most certainly take this time to grow and learn deeply, if we choose. And often delays in our lives happen for a reason, it is the Universe's way of making us take a step back and see a greater path, light or something that simply needs our devoted attention.

I want to share the below testimonial from a client of mine, and I always so appreciate hearing about my clients experiences and how my words have helped or aided in healing in their own lives. Please do note, should you be interested in scheduling a phone reading- either a first time call with me or returning, you may reach out to me directly or through the link in the contact on this website and these next two weeks I will be doing my absolute best to fit in extra times for phone readings with all who may be in need of the time to speak. ❤️


I have been doing phone readings with Diane for almost five years now. When I speak with her I light a candle, find a quiet space and type almost word for word our entire conversation. I've found that these notes are now some of my most valued possessions, like profound journals throughout the years. The level of accuracy in even the smallest details that she relays has been remarkable.

Each time I speak with Diane, I am provided an incredible reminder and sense of deeply knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be upon my path and that we are each supported by an incredible source. It's only through my experience with her that I have come to understand that Diane truly has a gift—a gift that has opened my eyes to an even more beautiful reality.

- SARAH | New York, New York


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